Thursday, March 19, 2015

SVETLANA BAILEY // part of group exhibition at Rhode Island School of Design

Image: Svetlana Bailey, 10-01, 2010, type c print, edition of 8, 120 x 120cm

Artereal Gallery artist Svetlana Bailey will exhibit eight new artworks as part of a group exhibition at Rhode Island School of Design, joining eight other artists; Pamela Chavez, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Sakura Kelley, Madison Kim, Hiro Nagaoka, Lily Siegel, Zharia Shinn & Nafis White. 

The show, which opened 19 March, seeks to address notions of identity, culture, history, tradition and belonging. 

Svetlana’s work is concerned with misplacement and longing to belong, and her images investigate the insecurity of our experience within the landscape. She explores the phenomenon of fog as a portal to experiencing the transitory quality of our surroundings. She seeks out locations of dense fog world-wide. Having researched and selected an area she can wait around for days for the appropriate atmospheric conditions and effect and ideal photographic opportunity. 

Of the eight artworks selected for this exhibition, Svetlana commented; "Presented is a collection of globally significant constructions. Normally displaced across the earth, they are assembled on one wall to be considered as a single phenomenon, perhaps in a similar way to that envisaged by the original builders of Beijing's World Park. What are objects of private memories for millions of co-witnesses, are replicated, eliminating the physical impediments to experiencing their true wonder."

For more information, please visit Rhode Island School of Design.

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