Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LIAM BENSON // Selected for inclusion in Over View Travelling International Festival of Video Art

Image: Liam Benson, He Looks Just Like His Mother, 2012, HD Video, 2 mins 3 seconds

Sydney-based inter-disciplinary artist, Liam Benson, has been selected for inclusion in the inaugural Over View Travelling International Festival of Video Art, a film and video art project initiated in the Netherlands. 

Presented by dLux Media Arts and UNSW, Over View is curated by dLux Media Arts’ Sarah Vanderpeer and opens Friday 6 November at UNSW Galleries

The Sydney instalment of Over View includes the work of Liam Benson, Julia Davis, John A. Douglas, Nikki Lam, Tony Lawrence, Nicola Walkerden and Liam O’Brien. 

During August 2014, Over View previewed internationally at the Open Air Festival De Kaaij in the Netherlands as a compendium of global visions by video artists from eight participating countries.

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